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Christian Vasquez is coming to Calgary, Alberta from BC to provide a performing training opportunity on Visual Vernacular for local artists at the Inside Out Theatre studio from April 15 - 16 from 10 am - 4 pm each day.

Registration is required and click here to view the google form.

The workshop training is free at and the project is funded by Canada Council for the Arts. Christian has a track record of winning ASL storytelling competitions from Galludet University and he recently completed a Sign Language Arts performance on Visual Vernacular at Stockholm, Sweden. One of the most prominent Deaf theatre organizations in the world.

Christian's parents arrived in the USA from El Salvador and he was born in Los Angeles, CA during the time of the infamous LA riot that caused the death of Rodney King, his family moved to Settle, WA, and eventually settled down in BC. He is a founder of which is an ABC LUCK! A card game that promotes storytelling. He is a translator, ambassador, editor, writer, and instructor. Currently, he is a Director of Artistic Sign Language for an upcoming play happening April 30th - May 1st called "GASLIGHT" at Sound Theatre Company in Seattle.

Feel free to reach out to me if there are any questions about the workshop.

Landon Krentz
Deaf Artistic Director


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