The 2022 AGM will take place right from your living room. We will be using Zoom as the meeting platform. You can join using your Apple or Android device, or computer. You do not have to sign up to Zoom to join a meeting. ASLIA will send a link to all members, and details to join the meeting will be posted on this page.

The meeting will open with registration. Attendees will initially enter the main meeting room. In small groups, individuals will be moved to a breakout room. They will meet with the Membership director to determine voting rights, collect their email address, and count quorum. 

At this time, attendees can ensure their equipment is working properly. At the call to order, everyone will be asked to turn off their cameras and microphones. 

Please have read the reports, past AGM minutes, motions and descriptions, etc. before the start of the meeting.  

  • Chair (Robyn Lavender)
  • Chat Moderator (Christine Kozub)
  • Voting Manager (Shelly Nafshi)
  • Tech Support (Laura Patterson)

The meeting will be conducted in ASL/signed language and English. Interpretation will be provided.

Please ensure your microphone is muted and camera off during the meeting.

The meeting will be recorded.

Technical Questions

If you have having issues with technology, for either the Zoom or voting platform, please email your concerns to the Tech Support at

This person will attempt to help you navigate the issue and address the concerns to the Chair on your behalf, if needed.


Voting will be done via Google Forms. We will share the link to the form in the Zoom chat box. There will be two sample votes for voting members to familiarize themselves with the voting process for individuals and for proxy voters.

The Voting Manager will track votes and update the motion list as determined by the meeting discussions. Results will be shared during the meeting after all members have cast their vote.

Chat Box

The main purpose of the chat box will be to monitor & appoint speakers. Please do not use the chat feature to type questions, discussions, or disclose personal or private information. 

Please use the chat feature only for AGM-related topics. The chat transcript will be saved. All chat transcripts are saved, including direct messages between individuals.

You can message a participant directly for informational purposes. The Chat Moderator will be monitoring the general (i.e., public) chat box to queue speakers to the floor (see "Discussion & Speakers") section.

Discussion & Speakers

The Chat Moderator will be monitoring the chat box. To queue into the discussion, please type your name and the word "Discussion", for example

"Jane - Discussion." This will help us to differentiate between informal chat and formal minutes.

The Chat Moderator will track the order of speakers and introduce them to the Chair, who will call them to the floor.

In a virtual world, the "floor" will be a spotlight on the speaker.


Please let us know if you plan to join the AGM.

Form not working? Open this URL:

Proxy Vote

Assign a proxy vote if you are unsure about your availability to join or stay for the entire meeting.

If you are unsure of who to assign your vote to, when asked simply type "Any Active ASLIA Member in good standing." ASLIA will contact you with the name of who was assigned your vote. 

Form not working? Visit

AGM Agenda

To add an item to the agenda before the AGM, please email and You may add items (including motions) the agenda at any point during the meeting. Please follow Robert's Rules of Order when adding an agenda item.

In Attendance:




Please note that there will be a sign-in period of roughly 20 minutes. This is to ensure all members (including proxy votes) are counted and quorum is verified. This sign-in period will begin at 10:00 and the meeting will officially begin at approximately 10:20 am.

1. Call to Order

2. Welcome: Land Acknowledgement and Introduction

3. Review of Procedures

4. Quorum Count

5. Acceptance of 2022 AGM Agenda

6. Approval of 2021 AGM Minutes

7. Acceptance of Board Reports

8. Acceptance of Committee Reports

9. Additions to the Agenda

10. Old Business

10.1 2021 In-House Audit

10.2 2022 Budget

11. New Business

11.1 CASLI Update

12. Elections

13. Awards

14. Community Updates

15. Announcements

16. Adjournment

  • I move to accept the May 15, 2022 AGM Agenda.
  • I move to approve the May 1st, 2021 AGM Minutes.
  • I move to accept the Board reports as distributed.
  • I move to accept the committee reports as distributed.
  • I move to accept the 2021 in-house audit.
  • I move to accept the projected 2022 projected budget.
  • I move to adjourn the 2022 Annual General Meeting at [time].
Meeting Format