History of ASLIA

ASLIA was incorporated in 1978 under its original name, Alberta Chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (ACRID). Until 2010, the association represented members primarily from northern Alberta. In 2011, the association underwent a name change in 2011 to become ASLIA, the Association of Sign Language Interpreters of Alberta. It has grown to include members from all over the great province of Alberta.

ASLIA is a registered, non-profit society whose members are professional sign language interpreters. ASLIA members provide quality interpreting services between signed and spoken language users. At the national level, ASLIA is affiliated with the Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters, CASLI, which promotes networking among existing interpreter organizations and nurtures the development of the vibrant interpreting profession.

The encouragement, support and active collaboration that we receive from Deaf and Hard of Hearing organizations and individuals across the province, country, and globe contributes immeasurably to every phase of ASLIA's work.

Board of Directors

The ASLIA Board of Directors is voted biennially by its Active members. Each position is held by an Active member, with the exception of two non-voting positions to reflect the community at large. We cannot send enough thanks to current and past directors who have volunteered their time and expertise to support our profession.

The Board of Directors consists of ASLIA Active members who serve a minimum of two years in any given position. The Board of Directors is voted in biennially at the Annual General Meeting by Active members of ASLIA.

Board of Directors


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Interested in serving on the board or a committee? Email president@aslia.ca.















Robyn Lavender

Stephanie Edgington

Karla Pelrine

Christine Kozub

Noah Greenwood


Jenni Stevens

Megan Richelhofff

Ginette Chalifoux

Laura Patterson

Lacey Hews


Sarah Reaume



Dual membership with ASLIA and our national organization, the Canadian Association of Sign Language Interpreters (CASLI) is required for membership.

See the "How Do I Become a Member" section on the CASLI website. It includes all the information and forms to become a member of ASLIA.

Membership Categories
Student Members

Individuals who are currently enrolled in an interpreter education program. Student members are included on ASLIA's email distribution list and have access to the Members Only section on the website.

Subscribing Members

Individuals or organizations who do not meet the requirements of membership, but wish to be supporters of ASLIA. Subscribers are included on ASLIA's email distribution list.

Active Members

Individuals who have graduated from an interpreters education program or meet defined criteria, and are currently involved in the provision of sign language interpreting are eligible for active membership in ASLIA. Active members are also affiliated with the national organization, CASLI, and have completed a written test of knowledge (WTK).

Active membership is the only category with voting privileges.

Benefits of Membership
  • CASLI Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Professional Conduct
  • ASLIA Grievance Procedure and AVLIC Dispute Resolution Process
  • ASLIA Express Newsletter
  • Advocacy for the highest standard of interpreting services and interpreter training
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Reduced membership rates to register for ASLIA professional development events
  • Published documents/videotapes to assist your professional development
  • Social events and networking with colleagues and peers
  • Online directory
  • Distribution of job postings
  • Alliances with other professional organizations including Organization Membership in WASLI

Membership Incentives

Looking for a sign language interpreter? See our directory of ASLIA members