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The directory of ASLIA members includes professional interpreters in Alberta, organized by region (northern and southern Alberta). Some members who reside outside of the province are listed in the directory.

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This version of the directory is current as of May 2021.

Updated as of May 2021

Directory of ASLIA Members

Members listed in the online directory have varying degrees of experience as Sign Language Interpreters. While the majority of members are from Alberta, we also have members outside of Alberta who wish to be included in the online directory. Members have been listed by region. If you have any questions about hiring an interpreter, you can email We are happy to explain the process.

View and search the directory below. Otherwise, Click the button below to download a PDF copy of the directory.

If you are unsure about how to hire an interpreter contact and we are more than happy to answer general questions about our field, in addition, to sending an email out to all our membership on your behalf.

Please note that ASLIA is not in a position to guarantee the qualifications of any ASLIA member, nor are we responsible for any errors or difficulties that may arise with the services they provide.

Hiring an Interpreter

Agencies in Alberta

The agencies listed below provide service to the public, including but not limited to interpreting. Listing of the following agencies is for informational purposes only and does not constitute endorsement, recommendation or favouring by ASLIA.

For more information about each agency, click on the agency logo to be directed to their website.

If you have any questions about hiring an interpreter, you can email We are happy to explain the process.

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Sort by name, location (e.g., "northern" or "southern" Alberta), certifications (e.g., "DI", "COI").

Show only members in specific parameters by using the filter.

For example,

  • To find a Deaf Interpreter, click "Filter" then select "Certification" and type "DI" to show only Deaf Interpreters.
  • To search for members in a specific municipality, click "Filter" > "City" > and type the municipality name.